Atlanta's Healthiest Full Line Vendor

As we all try to improve our overall health, your employees' choices for a snack are our opportunity to shine. We have designed a proprietary program that allows us to deliver low sodium, gluten free, no trans fat and vegan alternatives to snacking.


By introducing your employees and clients to these choices, you have created an environment that fosters better health even if going out for that healthy salad during lunch is not an option on a busy day. Rather than skipping lunch, we offer alternatives that will avoid those dreaded energy crashes around 3:00 pm.

Convenient access to healthy snack choices boosts productivity amongst employees. We all perform better mentally and physically if we are nurturing our bodies with the right foods.


Employees appreciate the effort put into their workplace to create a healthier environment. Talented employees tend to work where they are appreciated and will stay longer with an employer that shows an interest in their health and life.


Savvy employers understand that healthier employees start with healthier eating habits which can then lower health insurance costs. It's a win-win situation.

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